Have you ever encountered neurological issues like vertigo, paralysis, visual and/or hearing impairment, a state of confusion or loss of memory after a heavy day of freediving or spearfishing?

Well, there’s a chance that you may have suffered from what is known as “Taravana Syndrome,” a condition — somewhat similar to decompression sickness suffered by scuba divers — that researchers want to know more about.

The syndrome was first detected among the Japanese Ama sponge divers in the late 1950s, but more research is needed.

To that end, DAN Europe, the Apnea Academy and the Italian Federation of Underwater Activities (FIPSAS) are collaborating on a survey of as many freedivers and spearfishers they can find that have had such symptoms.

“The first step is therefore to gather the highest possible number of cases and people who have had or suspect of having had at least one episode that could be included in the studies.”

To take the survey in English, go to pierluigileggeri.it.

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