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Mares Introduces A Slew Of New Freediving Products At DEMA Show 2016 stopped by the Mares booth at DEMA Show 2016 to check out the company’s new freediving products.

With the help of Rick Trapp, Product Manager and Mares Lab Instructor, I knew I was in good hands.

I instantly gravitated to the mannequins showcasing the Apnea Instinct (starting at US$330/312 Euros) product line. This nylon-lined Freediving suit will be easy for donning and doffing relative to the products on the market. The smooth-skin Neoprene design, looking wet from a distance, aims to give you an advantage slicing through the water.

Although the Mares Camo wetsuit line still caters to a single-size fitting chart, the Apnea Instinct has both men’s and women’s sizes.

Rick also dropped some knowledge on the company’s new nose clips. Designed with ergonomics and the consumer’s Freediving budget in mind, these Mares nose clips are reasonably priced at US$35/33 Euros.

Mares also unveiled a new Freediving float and accessories and introduced break-away and quick-release lanyards for personal preference. In a world that should be using these tools in practice as well as competition, hopefully Mares’ ease of comfort and preference help pave the way.

Last but by no means least, Mares introduced a new, low-volume freediving mask, the Viper, that retails for US$80/76 Euros.

For more information on all of Mares’ freediving product line, check out the company’s website at

— By Mike Sasso DEMA Team DEMA Team
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