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Diving Galapagos – In Darwin’s Footsteps

BBC man John McIntyre has dived all over the globe, yet he found the underwater spectacles routinely seen around the Galapagos meant the islands went straight to the top of his list of "world’s best diving destinations"

Blue O Two To Conduct Liveaboard Galapagos Dive Trips In 2015

With the Galapagos Islands growing in popularity as a top dive destination, liveaboard dive operator blue o two have announced they will begin offering...

Keeping Fit for Divers on a Liveaboard

Being enclosed by water on all sides is no excuse for not keeping fit while diving off a boat. Prepare for your dives at...

Emma Farrell teams up with Scuba Travel for Freediving Liveaboard Holidays

Emma Farrell - one of the world's leading Freediving Instructors, author of the stunning book One Breath and DeeperBlue.com contributor has teamed up with...

Living the Dream: Surviving a live-aboard job

Vladimir has spent much time on a liveaboard and gives a personal insight into the pros and cons of a full-time diver...

Diving Specialty: Boat Diving

Experienced diver and professional crewmember, Francesca Koe, gives you the ins-and-outs of boat diving.

Cruising in Huvadhoo Atoll ??? Part III

Sara-Lise's final installment on the wilds of Huvadhoo Atoll in Maldives. Diving, Diving, and more Diving!

Cruising in Huvadhoo Atoll ??? Part II

Sara-Lise continues her tour of Huvadhoo Atoll in part 2 of the 3 part series.
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