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HEAD/MARES Calls On Authorities To Develop Full-Face Snorkeling Mask Safety Standards

In the wake of a spate of deaths of tourists in Hawaii in recent years where the safety of Full-Face Snorkeling Masks was put into question, HEAD/MARES -- one of the manufacturers of full-face masks -- began a series of tests to see if certain masks were safer than others.

Snorkeling, Skin Diving, and Freediving – What’s The Difference?

These terms can be confusing and often mistakenly interchangeable - discover the differences between the three underwater adventures.

The Simply Scuba Guide To Snorkeling Gear

Simply Scuba brings you a handy guide to buying your snorkeling gear

Hawaii Lifeguards Gathering Safety Data On Snorkeling Incidents

The question of whether full-face snorkeling masks are safe to use is still being asked, with limited answers so far.

‘Sea Women’ To Snorkel Northwest Passage

Most folks, when they think of snorkeling, they envision pristine blue waters with reefs full of colorful fish. One group of 10 women, however,...

New ‘Snorkelbuoy’ Helps Keep Mask, Snorkel Afloat

Ever accidentally dropped your mask and snorkel into the water and watched them quickly sink out of sight? Joanna Diamond, an avid scuba diver and...

Full-Face Masks On Display At DEMA Show

Full-face snorkeling masks were on display under several brands at DEMA Show in Orlando this year. Ocean Reef, Mares and H2O Ninja all had representations...

With Stuart Cove’s, Fantasy Becomes Reality in the Bahamas

Stuart Cove is living the dream...and he wants you to be a part of it. It started over 40 years ago when Stuart turned his...
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