The Dirty Dozen Heads To Chernobyl

pripyat chernobyl free image
pripyat chernobyl free image

The Dirty Dozen recently headed outside of their element — the ocean — and ventured overland to visit Chernobyl.

According to a company statement:

“Last year I had the privilege of exploring the Exclusion Zone at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant for two days with great friends and an expert private guide who participated in the production of the HBO mini-series.”

The event was a success, and many previous clients and Dirty Dozen expedition participants have expressed an interest in visiting the site.

To that end, the company will now add an overland itinerary to its expeditions, taking small groups of 7 people (including guide and Dirty Dozen founder Arron Arngrimsson) to the zone.

The company hopes to formally announce dates and other relevant information by late summer-early autumn.

You can find out more about the expedition here.