Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The PFI team collects two more records!


The PFI team is going to need one of those mesh dive bags to start putting their records in! Despite a troublesome subsurface current and an uncooperative wind Kirk Krack has managed to guide his team to two more records today.

Still recovering from neck and shoulder injuries Martin Stepanek decided it was time to get back in the water. It’s a good thing he did. He managed to push the world record in CNF to an astounding 80 meters!

Doc Lopez of the U.S.A. pushed his 24 hour old record in Variable Ballast to a new low of 56 meters.

Mandy Cruickshank made a valiant effort to reach 76 meters in the Women’s Free Immersion category but experienced a slight samba at the surface.

Trainer Kirk Krack suspects that she might have inadvertently caused the samba by coming too high out of the water upon surfacing. I don’t think this will be a problem for Mandy or the PFI team since they have 5 more days to fill that mesh bag.

Story and pictures to follow.


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