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Top 5 Dive Site In Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is one of the most loved French Polynesian Islands and is also known as the Jewel in the crown of French Polynesia. This spectacular volcanic island is known for the best diving trips in the world due to its unique underwater environment, its surrounding barrier reef and stunning lagoon.

There is something for every level of diver visiting this magnificent island. Bora Bora is famous for diving with Manta Rays and Sharks, however, on all dives, you’ll get to see the incredible diversity of marine life as well as hard and soft colorful corals. What makes Bora Bora so unique is its underwater volcanic topography.

Due to the volcanic nature of the island, this has left a calm, crystal clear lagoon, encircled by a number of islands and coral reef systems, with one pass to the Pacific Ocean.

There are a number of dive sites found around this tropical paradise. Inside the calm lagoon is the perfect place for divers who are new to diving or a little nervous about venturing out into the open ocean. There are also a number of technical dives located outside the reef for the more advanced diver.

Bora Bora dive sites include diving with the epic Manta Rays, Sharks, Drift diving along the pass out to the Pacific and stunningly beautiful coral gardens. This incredible island has so much to offer divers.


Top 5 Dive Sites In Bora Bora

Miri Miri

This dive site is perfect for newbies and advanced divers alike. The depth at this dive site can go anywhere between 15m-45m depending on your certification level.

These gently sloping reefs are buzzing with Black Tip Reef Sharks, Turtles, and Giant Napoleon Wrasse. This dive site is sometimes referred to as ‘Roses’ due to the sheer number of Montipora that cover the reef and look like a garden of roses. This is most certainly not a dive site to be missed.

Look out for Giant Napoleon Wrasse at Miri Miri
Look out for Giant Napoleon Wrasse at Miri Miri


This dive site is more of an intermediate dive site and has a depth of 10m-30m. It takes a little while to reach this site so few divers get to experience the wonders of Tupitipiti.

This dive is a huge reef filled with caves, overhangs and swim-throughs all waiting to be explored. This dive site is not known for its marine life however, you’ll get to see White Tip Reef Sharks, Turtles and of course a variety of reef fish.

Along the reef, you’ll find vibrant green and orange sponges with red and blue branching corals. If you’re a budding underwater photographer, this dive site is ideal for you.

Keep an eye out for Turtles at Tupitipiti dive site
Keep an eye out for Turtles at Tupitipiti dive site


Anau is an exceptional dive site with great visibility and an average depth of 22m. Anau is a dive site for all levels of diver and provides an opportunity to dive with anywhere between 5 to 10 Mantas at one time.

The Manta Ray dives begin in the center of an incredibly colored coral garden. There are so many variations and colors of coral here that it almost baffles divers. This dive site is famous for its Manta Ray cleaning station, which allows them to relax and feed at this location.

Due to the sheer number of divers visiting this top dive site, it has now become protected by the government, which only allows divers to dive here in the morning, so remember this before booking your dives.

Anau is known for it's Manta Ray cleaning station.
Anau is known for it’s Manta Ray cleaning station.


Haapiti is available for all divers and has a maximum depth of around 30m below sea level. This dive site consists of a gentle slope covered with incredible coral and rock formations. There are numerous tunnels and canyons to explore with a diverse selection of marine life making this site their home. Three types of shark regularly visit this spot including Black Tip Reef Sharks, Large Grey Sharks and the famous giant Lemon Sharks. You will also see colorful Trigger Fish and Large Napoleon Wrasse.

Look out for Triggerfish at Haapiti dive site
Look out for Triggerfish at Haapiti dive site


Toopua is a lagoon dive and has a maximum depth of 30m. Toopua is known for its sheer variety and diversity of marine life. You’ll get to see enormous anemones that are home to cute Clown Fish as well as a number of other reef fish. Located on the sandbank at the bottom of the fall, you’ll find Stingrays, Leopard Wrasse and Scorpion Fish. Once you reach the end of the dive, you’ll get to see a huge coral garden just waiting to be explored.

Keep an eye out for the Clown Fish living within the Anemones at Toopua
Keep an eye out for the Clown Fish living within the Anemones at Toopua

There are a number of dive sites located around Bora Bora. If you know of one that has not been mentioned in this article, let us know about it in the comments below.

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