got a chance at DEMA Show to chat with Innovative Scuba Concepts’ Jenni Fultz, who along with her husband Charles developed the Tovatec, a first-of-its-kind, integrated dive light and underwater camera.

The Tovatec sports a 1,000-lumen wide-angle light, a 1,000-lumen spotlight and an integrated 1080HD camera that takes still and video. It’s depth-rated to 60 meters (197 feet), and has a rechargeable and replaceable battery that can run about an hour and a half if both the light and camera are being used simultaneously.

Jenni Fultz says:

“This is special because it is the only camera that’s integrated into a light, or the only light integrated into a camera. No other camera on the market can be used as a primary dive light. And no other primary dive light on the market can take pictures and video.”

Fultz said she and her husband got the idea when they were getting ready to go diving one day and their seven-year-old son said,

“I can’t believe how much gear it takes to go scuba diving. Can’t you just take that camera and put it inside your light?”

So the pair thought about that and after a couple of trips overseas, Charles was able to work with a bunch of engineers and figure out a way to do it without any glare off the glass.

The Tovatec retails for US$299.95 (~263 Euros). For more info, check with your local dive shop or go to

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