Tragedy strikes Audrey's World Record attempt

We regret to hear that tragedy has struck the Audrey Mestre’s IAFD World Record Attempt in No Limits.

The facts we know at the moment are as follows:

– Audrey Mestre was brought to the surface by rescue divers, during an attempt to do a no limits dive to 171 meters. She was underwater for over 9 minutes. She was pronounced dead at a hospital in La Romana later that afternoon.

– Forensic analysis of the dive is proceeding.

The shock and pain to her friends, her crew and her family are indescribably intense. Audrey was a beautiful human being, a wonderful and courageous young woman. and it’s Editorial team pass on our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to her friends, crew and family.

Note: Please post any condolences into the following thread in the forums.

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