This week’s video is from Freediver Sebastien Murat and is his interview video explaining what Exhale Freediving is.

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  1. Doesn’t the exhale freediving have the potential to increase the chance of blackout at depth? The video explained all the benefits but not the importance of added safety. Are the risks not an greater?

  2. Very, very interesting, definitely worth thinking about and looking into further.
    One problem with the discourse – the phrase, “Use up as less energy as possible” simply doesn’t exist. The correct phrase is, “Use up as little energy as possible” or “Use the least amount of energy possible”.
    Other than that it’s a very interesting video, thanks for posting it.

  3. Why would the risk be greater? with or without air, you always dive inside your limit, wright? But I imagine he does much shallower dives but for as long time as before.

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