VOLT X Action Camera Revealed As A Scam

The VOLT X Action Camera Could Give GoPRo A Run For Its Money
The New VOLT X Action Camera Could Give GoPRo A Run For Its Money

Remember that story we ran a couple weeks ago about the VOLT X, a new action camera that could give GoPro a run for its money? A camera that suspiciously looked like a GoPro camera? One that VOLT Camera CMO Ethan Hsu even told DeeperBlue.com at the time in an email:

“We have our own copyright and all design property is ours.”

Welp, turns out that the VOLT X camera which was being offered for US$99/87 Euros was in fact too good to be true.

The Australian newspaper The Telegraph looked into it, and found a bunch of questions that the VOLT team couldn’t seem to answer.

Additionally, the folks at VOLT Camera were scheduled to launch a Kickstarter campaign on August 31, but their campaign page now has a note that reads:

“This project does not meet the Kickstarter Rules.”

Not only that, since then, the VOLT Camera website now has nothing but a “We’re Offline” message on it:

“In spite of several problems that came up in the internal and external workings of VOLT Cameras, we have decided to close our doors. It’s a pleasure to have served so many customers in delivering high quality, yet affordable action cameras to the market. All remaining orders will still be processed and shipped. We thank everyone for your support in VOLT.”

So chances are, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.