Vote for the “Best” in AIDA Freediving

stig exemplifies good freediving form

AIDA International has announced a call for nominations for the 2011 “Best” AIDA freedivers in the following categories:

  • Best Male Freediver
  • Best Female Freediver
  • Best Male Newcomer
  • Best Female Newcomer
  • Best Judge
  • Best Coach
  • Best Athletic Sportsmanship
  • Best Aida Volunteer
  • Best Instructor

The winners of the “best freediver” and “newcomer” categories will receive a Suunto D6i gauge — all of the other winners will receive a D4i, generously provided by Suunto. readers should email their favorites to: [email protected]

(You may only vote for one person in each category and you may only vote once.)

The deadline for submissions is midnight Dec 31, 2011 (CET). Results will be posted on the AIDA website in January 2012. Suunto has requested that the winners be photographed with their prize and the Suunto logo. If the winner cannot comply with this request, the 2nd place winner will receive the award.

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