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DEMA just wouldn’t be DEMA without a visit with our friends at Performance Freediving (PFI). Kirk Krack, Founder and President of PFI, took some time out to share with us just a few of the amazing highlights of 2010 for he and Mandy-Rae Cruickshank. In addition to welcoming the newest (and cutest) member of the PFI team, Kirk and Mandy have been busier than ever this past year. Starting with a much deserved win in March at the Academy Awards for their work on the Cove Mandy & Kirk kept a whirlwind pace training more students and many new freediving instructors; coached PFI diver Erin Magee to a new USA women’s national record; travelled the world in support of their next film project with the Oceanic Preservation Society (called the Singing Planet,) and most recently took to adapting their proven freediving techniques to train top-notch athletes from other sports. Big wave surfer Ian Walsh is the newest PFI graduate (and convert) having gone through a private and very specialized training week with Kirk in Hawaii. Pushing the limits and leading through innovation is what PFI does best, so we look forward to hearing more about their new adventurous surf training regimens and then sharing with you the Deeperblue readers. But for now practice your breath-hold and take a peek at what Kirk had to say at DEMA 2010.

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