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Yoga For Freediving Course – Manage Your Mind – Launches Today

Following on from her hugely successful Deep Relaxation online course, World Champion Freediver, Sara Campbell is launching her second Yoga for Freediving online course today – MANAGE YOUR MIND.

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Manage Your Mind contains seven videos and over two and half hours of unique course content, as well as the further two hours of How To videos found in every course, which contain all the essential exercises that freedivers need to get started and build a foundation for their practice. This course also contains mp3 downloads of the lectures, and bonus content of an article by Sara explaining the function of the mind in more detail.


The course, priced at $50 USD, contains:

  • seven videos of unique content
  • 22 additional How-To videos covering the essential basics of Yoga for Freediving, to enable freedivers of all levels to create their own training programme from the courses.
  • audio downloads of the lectures and visualizations to accompany pool/ocean-side warm-ups, and for deeper immersion into the theory and philosophy of the unique Discover Your Depths approach
  • PDF downloads of a suggested six-week training programme for each course, plus other useful additional information

Sara had this to say to

“I have been concerned by the increase in over-training and a lack of balance in peoples approach to the sport. Technique and physical training alone will not help freedivers to improve their performances in the long term. What they need is a more balanced approach, integrating meditation and a deeper understanding of what it truly means to freedive. This is my goal in Yoga for Freediving.”

For those who want to receive personal coaching from Sara to accompany these videos, each course has a GO PREMIUM option, which includes a personal consultation, three one-to-one Skype coaching sessions and online support for just $300.

You can find out more and sign up by going to

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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