Fancy your own World Record Freediving wetsuit?

Do you wish you had a wetsuit that you could set your own Freediving Records in?  The good news is you can own that wetsuit but we can’t promise that you’ll have the ability to match!

Freediving World Champion William Trubridge is giving everyone the opportunity to own a piece of sporting history…his wetsuit used to set 3 World Record breaking dives on a single breath of air and probably the most successful wetsuit in Freediving history.

The wetsuit is on auction at eBay and all proceeds will go to Project Hector.

Project Hector was the mission to dive 100m (one hectometer) on a single breath of air, and was also done to raise awareness of the plight of NZ’s endemic dolphins.
Visit for more info on the world’s smallest and critically endangered dolphin species.

For more information and to bid on the item head over to eBay.

[vimeo w=600]

William Trubridge and Hector