Aggressor Fleet Now Offering Trips To Sudan, Djibouti

The Arabian Aggressor - Diving the best of Sudan

The Aggressor Fleet has announced two new itineraries to its network of destinations, with the Arabian Aggressor now visiting the waters off Sudan and Djibouti.

The waters of the southern Red Sea are one of the world’s best diving destinations, and according to Aggressor Adventures Chairman and CEO Wayne Brown:

“The southern Red Sea is at the top of the list for divers who want to combine thrilling pelagic encounters with lush coral reefs and wrecks. Sudan is a shark paradise with large schools of hammerheads, majestic oceanic white-tips, and the rare thresher shark… Djibouti is a premier destination for whale sharks, but it also has mantas, dolphins, pilot whales as well as numerous shark species. We are excited about this new diving frontier.”

The Arabian Aggressor will run Sudan itineraries between February and October, and itineraries will feature some of the most well-known sites such as the Umbria Wreck, Protector Reef and Cousteau’s Précontinent habitat, and Angarosh Reef.

From November to February, the ship will run Djibouti itineraries and will include sites like Moucha Island, Ghoubbet Bay, and the Seven Brothers Islands reefs.

Check out a video of the Arabian Aggressor in the waters off Sudan below.