Saturday, December 4, 2021

Paul Kotik

Paul Kotik has been a Staff Writer and Freediving Editor for He lives in Florida, USA with his family.

Miami Freediver Killed, Buddy Injured

Miami, FL USA - Miami freediver Ricardo Araujo of Hialeah was killed by the propellers of a power yacht in an apparent accident Saturday, March 3 2007....

Martin Stepanek Resigns from PFI

Ft Lauderdale, Florida USA - Freediving World Champion and multiple world record holder Martin Stepanek has announced his resignation from longtime employer Performance Freediving International. ...

Monofins for Dolphins?

London - The Daily Mail is reporting that a dolphin has been fitted with an artificial...monofin, a proesthesis made neccesary by a severe injury to its own...

Sharks Menace The Rich and Famous

Palm Beach, Florida - A local television station is reporting that residents and visitors in Palm Beach have been advised to stay out of ocean waters due...

Shark Sinks Commercial Shrimp Boat

Fort Myers Beach, Florida - The Associated Press and a local television station are reporting that a commercial shrimping boat has been sunk by one or more...

Freediving Instructor Courses in Dubai

Emma Farrell, World Class Freediving Instructor Trainer, Head of Freediving Education for and author of ‘One Breath, a Reflection on Freediving’ will be visiting Dubai for...

Freediver Named Adventurer of the Year

MIAMI - Freediving champion Martin Stepanek has been named Adventurer of the Year by the respected extreme sports journal South Florida Adventures. It's the first time a...

Freediver in Real-Life Action-Adventure Thriller

SYDNEY - The U.K. Telegraph is reporting dramatic developments in the story of Peter Foster, a notorious international scam artist. A prominent freediving competitor is now part...

Images of One of the Rarest of Sharks

Extraordinary images of one of the rarest of all sharks have been captured on film. A still image and details here.

Aussie Diver Half-Swallowed by Shark, Lives

SYDNEY - Reuters reports that a 25-year-old Australian abalone diver survived an attack by a great white shark - an attack in which the diver was partially...