Here at DeeperBlue.com we are advocates of the sport of sustainable Spearfishing. If you want to learn more about Spearfishing read our comprehensive articles and news below.

ALASKA Spearfishing

The Freedive Shop Offering Alaska Liveaboard Spearfishing Trips

Ever dreamt of spearfishing off the coast of Alaska? Have that on your bucket list? The Freedive Shop is offering two trips this coming May...

Omer Blue Water Open Day 1 Results

HATTERAS, NC -- Here are the results from Day 1 (Friday, 28 July) of the Omer Hatteras Blue Water Open. Day 2 was canceled...

The Ice is Nice: Come On In-Part II

Iceman Steve Millard, a new and most welcome contributor to Deeper Blue, continueth. He will never have to prove his courage in any other way, ever again.

Experienced Spearfisher dies in New Zealand

Eric De Vries, an experienced free diver, has died while spearfishing off the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand on Saturday 3rd December 2011. Eric failed...

The Rest Of Us

New contributor and forum regular Rachel, talks about her exploits at becoming a Spearo

The Lobster the Better

Something is bugging Freediving Editor Paul Kotik.

Spearfishing TV Show Concludes Filming Off Hatteras

HATTERAS, NC -- A new spearfishing television program last week finished the taping of footage for three to four shows off Cape Hatteras, NC,...


Lollapalooza: noun. slang. an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance.

Sport Diver Awards 2012

Our friends over at Sport Diver UK have announced their 2012 awards, allowing you to nominate your favourite companies and people – and be...

RIFFE Introduces New 'Euro Style Speargun'

The folks at RIFFE International this week introduced a slew of new products at the DEMA Show in Las Vegas, including a "Euro Style...

Southeast Spearing Expectations

With spring fast approaching the anticipation of us Southeast spearos is growing. The current water temperatures are ranging anywhere from the low 40's as...

$1,500 reward for information leading to arrest of poachers

Walt Stearn has posted an article on www.wetpixel.com where he talks about endangered goliath groupers being speared and killed in Florida waters. He has posted...

Bluefin tuna shrinking?

The BBC has published an article where Spanish fisherman have seen a reduction in the average size of the blue-fin, and that could mean...

[VIDEO] Ocean Artists Society Video on Saving Sharks

The Ocean Artists Society, whose aim is to use ocean art to inspire people around the world to a greater awareness of our need...
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