If you tend to see trash when diving and want to do something about it, Fourth Element may have a solution.

The company recently unveiled a new, compact Ocean Debris Bag that you can bring with you on your next dive.

Small enough to be stashed in a pocket or clipped on externally, the bag unrolls to provide a handy way to get involved with cleaning up your dive sites. It can be quickly deployed and used to collect and remove rubbish from the water. After you have disposed of the waste responsibly, recycling it wherever possible, simply roll the bag up and stow it again for your next dive.

Features of the bag include:

  • Drainable mesh
  • Convenient size for marine debris
  • Packable
  • Velcro closure
  • Stow using handy sized clip

The bag is available for purchase online, retailing for £12.00/US$16.50/~14.05 Euros.

For more info, go to fourthelement.com.

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