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Crowdfunding Goal For Hektometer Freediving Goggles Reached In Hours

Remember those Hektometer freediving goggles we reported on earlier this month?

Well, the crowdfunding campaign for those goggles launched last week, and it reached its funding goal within the first two hours that the IndieGogo page was live.

Over the past few months, the goggles have been tested at the Y-40 pool, and although initially it was thought they were good to 40m/130ft, they have proved reliable to 100m/330ft. Freediver Davide Carrera has tested them in competition, with multiple dives to 90m/300ft.

According to Hektometer’s Klaus Schuwerk:

“We reached our goal in less than 2 hours and right now we are over 300% thanks to many enthusiastic supporters from the freediving community, especially those who have tried the goggles at Y-40.”

The Hektometer goggles are able to combine the clarity and visibility of a mask with the comfort and performance of fluid googles.

Even though the goggles contain air, they also contain a silicone membrane against the glass. As the diver descends, the membrane expands and pushes towards the diver’s eye which effectively produces a clever self-equalizing system.

Check out the video below or go to the Hektometer Indiegogo page for more info.

Revolutionary Freediving Goggles Unveiled
Revolutionary Hektometer Freediving Goggles Unveiled
John Liang
John Liang
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