Doc Lopez National Record Disqualified

Dr George
Dr George "Doc" Lopez Looks Up During a Dive

West Bay, Grand Cayman, BWI – The United States Apnea Association (USAA), the US National of AIDA, has confirmed that Dr. George ‘Doc’ Lopez’s 53 meter Free Immersion dive of April 5, 2006 will not be recognized as a US National Record.

Review of the official surface camera video by AIDA judges revealed that Doc, in the final seconds of his ascent, made contact with surface support before his airway exited the water. This violates AIDA rules and disqualifies the performance.

Doc reviewed the video himself and concurs with the judges’ decision. He’ll make another attempt on Friday, April 5.

Dr. George “Doc” Lopez’s FIM dive performed in Grand Cayman on April 5, 2006 to 53 meters is not being recognized as a national record in spite of what was stated in the press release to the contrary.  On site judge for US rules called the performance invalid do to LMC. This on site call was protested and upon review of the tape, it is clear that Doc made contact with surface support prior to his airway exiting the water.  This is a violation of rules and invalidated the performance.  The on site judges determination was not over turned in the review either.