First CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Championships Start Today

CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Championships
CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Championships

The first CMAS Apnea Outdoor World Championships has finally started with the Constant Weight With Fins (CWT) discipline.

Croatian Freediver Goran Colak has declared the deepest depth at 110m, while in the women’s category Italian Alessia Zecchini aims for 93m.

The weather didn’t co-operate on Monday for official training and caused dives to be stopped at 11:00am.  Weather conditions for today look favorable and at 08:00, 43 athletes will meet at the harbor of Sant’Angelo for the start of the competition.

The organizers have created a live stream that can viewed from 08:30 Central European Time (CET).  Featuring images from 5 different cameras it will be the closest to being there you’ll be able to get without hopping on a plane.  You can see the livestream at

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