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The Four Seasons of Deep Spearfishing

Bright summer, cool autumn, white winter and blossoming spring… The Mediterranean seasons change but our passion continues to drive us back into the deep Blue.

Are we finally ready to immerse into a different physical and mental dimension of spearfishing?

Just like the work of Antonio Vivaldi celebrating the constant change, the ‘Four Seasons of deep spearfishing‘ praises the art of underwater hunting in changing environments. Turbulent waters? Crushing pressure? Stunning visuals? Evasive prey? The Mediterranean offers us a colorful palette to play with throughout a year.

A popular misconception of ‘summer diving is deep diving’ does have some legit ground. Of course, it is less stressful to breathe up in warm surface waters with little swell. Furthermore, the fish tends to occupy ‘shallower’ depths. But… why go shallow? The most fun is below 35meters deep!

Deep Spearfishing in: The Summer.

As the summer slowly fades, the temperature starts to drop. Blazing heat of the summer is now mixed with a cool autumn breeze.

The Greater Amberjacks leave their beloved deep reefs and continue to migrate elsewhere. The Groupers still feel ‘summer-ish’, they stroll along the reefs in groups and continue to use the sea sponges as their sunbeds.

Deep Spearfishing in: The Autumn

As the winter slowly creeps into the Mediterranean the water temperature drops even further. In certain regions (Aegean sea, for example) it drops to a mere 9’C/48F.

Numb toes, immovable lips, hypothermic tranquility? Sure, do you want all those take-a-way?

Deep Spearfishing in: The Winter.

And when you feel like you can not take it anymore… When every diving day you spend 20 minutes hesitating about getting in the water at all… When you are perfectly fine getting home with the wetsuit on for the luxury of a warm shower…

The spring gives you a soothing hug. The birds start to sing again. And the flocks of sardines draw hungry predators from the depths. And your inner (spearfishing) self starts to blossom with the environment around you.

Deep Spearfishing in: The Spring

And the year rolls on…

Anvar Mufazalov
Anvar Mufazalov
Anvar Mufazalov is's Mediterranean specialist. With a passionate dedication he promotes the idea of "spearfishing - an art" and offers unique 'tailored for spearos' freediving courses in the island of Cyprus.


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