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Fred Buyle and William Winram on a new adventure

Ocean Encounters founders Fred Buyle and WilliamWinram can take freedivers to places they never dreamed of diving. Bothavid world-class breath-hold divers, they have taken it upon themselves toshare their passion for the underwater world, by bringing breath-hold divingcourses to your doorstep, take you on live-aboard freediving cruises andorganize expeditions for the chance to breath-hold dive in the company of largemarine animals.

Whetherexpert or a beginner, freedivers can find a course or trip that is tailored tosuit their needs.  The most adventurous mayparticipate in a shark encounter for an opportunity to discover the naturalbehaviour of these amazing creatures in their own territory.

OceanEncounters is no ordinary endeavour. In addition to organizing courses andexpeditions for the public, Fred Buyle and William Winram regularly joinexpeditions for the purpose of scientific research on large marine animals.From tagging sharks in the wild on a silent breath-hold to documenting uniqueanimal features through photography and video, they contribute to theadvancement of ocean preservation.

Buyleand Winram are scheduled to arrive in French Polynesia on December 5, 2009 tocomplete the last of five HDTV documentaries for the project OceanQuest, a series which will, without a doubt, change the world’s view on thetrue nature of the oceans and their creatures.

Formore information on Ocean Encounters, visit http://www.oceanencounters.net.

Ocean Encounters

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