Saturday, July 13, 2024

Galapagos Islands – Exploring Outer Remote Islands, Sea Lions, and Bait Balls


This week’s video is from Australian Surfer, Free-diver, Marine Biologist, Conservationist, and Adventurer Brinkley Davies.

Embarking on a journey into the majestic outer islands of the Galapagos presents a freediving experience unparalleled in its vivid natural beauty. It is a paradise characterized by an intriguing marine life ensemble of sea lions, bait balls, marine iguanas, birds of prey soaring overhead, and the pristine clarity of the surrounding waters.

This video chronicles the initial comprehensive footage from the expedition. As the adventurers ventured into the outer islands, they discovered remarkable hidden treasures. The ecosystems they encountered are largely pristine, expansive, and largely uncharted territories.

A remarkable feature of their journey was the curiosity of the indigenous wildlife. The sea lions, in their playful demeanor, approached the divers, while the birds of prey maintained close yet non-threatening proximity. Marine iguanas, in their characteristic manner, would surprise the divers by popping their heads out around every bend.

Among the most exhilarating experiences was the discovery of a bait ball in a shallow bay. Freediving with this enormous mass of small fish was an exciting and memorable part of the journey. The team anticipates a return to this incredible location, eager to uncover more of its wonders and share these exceptional experiences.


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