Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Japan to host 2010 Freediving World Championships


The largest event on the AIDA Freediving Competition calendar is set to be hosted in Okinawa, Japan for 2010.

The Japan Apnea Society is hosting the world championships for the 1st time from 30th June – 10th July 2010.

The competition will consist of Depth (Constant Weight) and Pool (Static & Dynamic) disciplines and will be a team based event.

The preliminary calendar being advertised is:

  • 30 June Opening Party and registration
  • 01 July Official Training CWT and registration
  • 02 July Official Training CWT
  • 03 July CWT day one
  • 04 July CWT day two
  • 05 July CWT reserve day
  • 06 July Official training in pool
  • 07 July STA day one
  • 08 July STA day two
  • 09 July Official training in pool
  • 10 July DYN -Award Ceremony and Closing party

The host hotel will be the Tokyo Dai ichi Hotel Okinawa Grand Mer Resort

The full competition website will be available later in January 2010.

Japan to host 2010 Freediving World Championships 3
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