Sunday, September 19, 2021

JBL Spearguns Developing New ‘Roller’ Pole Spear

- this past week got a chance to peek at a prototype pole spear JBL Spearguns is developing.

The 9-foot/2.74-meter-long spear has rollers on the back end. The new design will help extend the spearo’s range to 14 feet/4.27 meters. Due out next March, the new pole spear will retail for around US$400 (~362 Euros).

Don’t feel like waiting to get back to shore to rinse off the salt and grime from a day of spearfishing?

The company also unveiled its new, collapsible dive shower at this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando.

JBL Spearguns' new, collapsible shower
JBL Spearguns’ new, collapsible shower at DEMA Show 2019

The new, 2.5-gallon/9.46-liter dive shower sports a purge valve on the back so you can’t over-inflate it, and retails for $88 (~80 Euros).

One more bit of news from JBL out of DEMA Show is that all of the company’s wooden guns can now take spear shafts from any other company.

For more info, check out the JBL website at

JBL Spearguns Developing New 'Roller' Pole Spear 3
John Liang
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