Karol Meyer walks away with first place in Brazilian pool comp


Brazilian freediver KarolMeyer, who is also the current Continental women’s Static Apnea champion, camefrom the last National Brazilian comp, the V Dive Games – Indoorde Apnéia AIDA Brazil,with 1st place in all the indoor disciplines.

With these results achieved inthe event, the athlete became the TOP 10 Aida athlete in two indoordisciplines. The prominence was for the discipline of static apnea, in whichthe athlete carried through the best performance of event (female andmale!) reaching the 1º place in the Aida World Ranking List with theperformance 6″52″.

Karol Meyer is a freediving athletesponsored by Mormaii and the support of CAIXA, Yogashala and Lira TenisClub.