"Nice Abyss Contest":The Frogs Bring The Green To The Blue

“3 years after the last edition of the Nice Aida Open, a freediving competition is back on the french riviera: Nice Abyss Meeting. It is the first freediving competition for a sustainable development.

35 athletes from France and some foreigners will compete in the Bay of Villefranche from the 17th to the 20th of September 2009. It will be a depth competition only, with Constant Weight and Constant No Fins.

The idea of the event is to have the warmest welcome for the athletes, working towards sustainable development. We will propose:
– 100% organic food for the welcome buffet and for breakfast
– fair trades tshirts
– eco posters
– biodegradable soap for wetsuit
– biodegradable place settings for buffet

A big thank you for all our partners who help us in this adventure.
– CIPA: organisation
– Massilia Sub: assistance in the organisation
– Conseil Général 06: technical logistic
– Ville de Nice: Closing buffet
– Rica Lewis: fair trades Tshirt
– La Vie Claire: Organic food
– Groupe atlantis: Ecologic Printing”


Source:Guillaume Nery Blog http://guillaumenery.over-blog.com/article-36121429.html