The International Underwater Target Shooting Championship took place this past weekend at the One Breath Spearfishing Expo in Dubai, with Omani spearo Omar Abdullah al Ghailani taking home first place.

During the January 12-13 competition, competitors had to swim 10m/30ft underwater from the start line to a shooting line. Once there, they waited 30 seconds with the aid of a weighted object before firing a shot, retrieving their spear and swimming back to the start line to re-load. Participants had a time limit of 10 minutes to execute three shots.

Eighteen competitors from countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Italy and Tunisia took part in the competition. Ghailani told the Muscat Daily:

“The competition was tough. The low temperature of water in the pool was a challenge too. But with much concentration and determination I reached the final.”

To find out more about the event, click here.


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