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Sara Campbell back in action

36-year-old BritishWorld Champion freediver Sara Campbell, who set three World Records last year,is launching her own coaching programme, Discover your Depths. Sara’s progressfrom beginner to triple World Record holder was done in just nine months, and shenow would like to share the secret of her success with the rest of the freedivingworld.

Sara said: “It allhappened so quickly, that when I was asked how I achieved those three WorldRecords, I wasn’t exactly sure. Time out last year, and some very difficultdives shortly after my mum died, made things much clearer for me, and I beganto understand what my unique strengths are as a freediver. My progress was downto a combination of my physiology, and advanced meditation and pranayamapractice. I feel strongly that fear and lack of self-belief holds a lot of verypromising freedivers back”.

Sara has said that “Discoveryour Depths” is about developing each freediver’s self-confidence, helping themunderstand their own potential through controlling their minds and of courseadvanced equalisation and deeper diving techniques.”  The course combines daily yoga andmeditation, discussions and plenty of practical training at the Blue Hole inDahab, Egypt. 

Sara combines yogaand meditation practice in the course syllabus, together with freedive training.She is limiting the group sizes to a maximum of four people, and accommodationis in the luxury Villa Isis, which she built herself last year. Guests wantingto do more than one week can extend their stay in the villa, and rent divingequipment from Sara to practice the techniques they’ve learned.  There is a prerequisite that Divers must havea sound knowledge of freediving, in line with an AIDA *** qualification orsimilar.

Sara, referred toaffectionately by her fellow athletes as ‘Mighty Mouse’, is also the smallestfreediver on the circuit, at just under five foot. Her mother died in2008, giving her an enforced break in training and record-breaking, but in 2009she is back with remarkable goals, among them to be the first woman ever todive to 100m on one breath in Constant Weight. 

She is an Ambassadorfor The BLUE Project, advocating small daily change in order to protect theoceans and slow down, and ultimately reverse, climate change. By demonstratingthe beauty and fragility of the precious ocean reef systems, Sara hopes toencourage small daily changes in other peoples’ behaviour and shopping choices.

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Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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