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The Sheppard Offers Rebreather Divers An Alternative Bailout Solution

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The Sheppard Rebreather by KISS

This DEMA saw the launch of the Sheppard Rebreather. Arkansas based manufacturer KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) named their bailout breather after Jack Sheppard, a pioneering British cave explorer and diver. Jack was one of the first men in the World to make a cave dive, almost 80 years ago, in the mid 1930s.

“We called our latest unit the ‘Sheppard’ for a couple of reasons”, said Mike Young, inventor and owner of KISS Rebreathers. “It seemed a fitting tribute to Jack Sheppard because he helped develop new techniques and special equipment for cave diving. Secondly the very nature of bailing out can be quite a stressful situation. Especially when you are doing extreme exploration or diving. A shepherd protects, guides and escorts their charges to safety, and this is exactly what this little unit does.”

The Sheppard is a very light rebreather, weighting in at 10lbs / 4.5kg in its ‘ready to dive’ state. It is a true bailout semi-closed rebreather, being small, easy to use and highly portable. When a diver secures this to their body, they are not really going to be aware of it. This is important when you are diving several stage cylinders. It is a handy gas extender, and depending on the temperature of the water you are diving, the Extendair scrubber cannister has a 1.5 hour to 2.5 hour duration. It is a tool that any technical rebreather diver could learn to use.

Rosemary E Lunn
Rosemary E Lunn
Rosemary is the founder of The Underwater Marketing Company, co-founder of EUROTEK and established TEKDiveUSA. Roz is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, a BSAC Advanced Instructor, a rebreather and a Trimix diver. Before moving into the PR field she worked as a full time recreational instructor in the UK and abroad, on History Channel and National Geographic documentaries, as a safety diver and modelled underwater. She is a prolific freelance writer. You can find Roz on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on her blog.