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DEMA Show CoverageSpeared Apparel to unveil new spearfishing wetsuit in April 2016

Speared Apparel to unveil new spearfishing wetsuit in April 2016


Speared Apparel will be formally unveiling their first wetsuit for the spearfishing market in April 2016, company CEO Aaron Chase told this week at DEMA Show in Orlando.

Up until now, the company had been selling T-shirts, tank tops, rash guards and the like to the spearfishing community.

Chase told that he had been doing research on an easy-to-put-on spearfishing wetsuit that doesn’t require the traditional “lubing up”:

“There’s a lot of people out there who are unhappy with the current wetsuit for freediving and spearfishing. You’ve got open cell, you’ve got to lube to get in, it’s very brittle on the inside, so we don’t like that in a wetsuit. When I ask people what do you want in a wetsuit, they said, ‘I want something comfortable, stretchy and I don’t want to have to lube to get in.’”

Consequently, Speared teamed up with wetsuit manufacturer Henderson to develop a 3-millimeter wetsuit that does exactly that, according to Chase:

“We did research with a lot of different companies, a lot of different rubbers and materials, and long story short, we ended up with Henderson and we worked with them to develop the wetsuit we’ve got now, which is a fire fleece interior, it’s a fleece polyester interior; and with their high-quality rubber we were able to make it so that it is as warm or warmer than a 3-mil open cell suit. It’s almost twice as flexible and it’s a lot more comfortable — you don’t have to lube to get in. So all those things that people said they didn’t like about the current suits, we eliminated with this suit.

“And then obviously with Henderson, we don’t have to worry about the craftsmanship — I know that the craftsmanship of Henderson is gonna be great. So I wanted to team with a company that I could say, ‘Let’s make some wetsuits, let’s make the best in the market,’ and I don’t have to worry about the rest. And that’s where Henderson came in and we nailed this one.”

The Speared wetsuit — a prototype of which Chase brought to DEMA — will be formally launched at next April’s Blue Wild Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he said.

The suit will retail “in the $390 range,” but Chase said there were still some details to iron out. It will come in Men’s sizes Small to XL in a camouflage pattern that Henderson used to use, and Speared will soon be offering a black spearfishing wetsuit as well.

Regarding Speared’s partnership with Henderson, Chase also told

“We stepped into their freediving/spearfishing market and teamed up. They couldn’t dedicate the resources to spearfishing and that’s where — they were searching and we were searching at the same time and . . . it was a perfect fit. They make wetsuits, they’re the biggest wetsuit manufacturer in the world and we are a spearfishing apparel company so it really worked out.”

For more info on the other products Speared offers, check out the company’s website.

John Liang
John Liang
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