Static Apnea Stunt in Lithuania

Tel Aviv, ISRAEL – The Israeli new service YNet is carrying wire reports of a static apnea stunt performed yesterday, June 16, in Lithuania.

The YNet report reads:

"A brother and sister from Lithuania have set a new world record for underwater breath-hold. The record was set yesterday ( Saturday) in the Droskininkai Water Park in southern Lithuania, before hundreds of spectators.

The two, Arwidas and Diana Gaitsionas, were chained to the bottom of the pool. Diana stayed underwater 11 minutes 7 seconds, and her brother Arwidas held his breath for 15 minutes 58 seconds. According to sources in Lithuania, the siblings broke the previous record set by Canadian Robert Foster in 1959 which stood at 13 minutes, 42 seconds.

After setting the record, the two were hospitalized in stable condition. It is unclear whether officials of the Guiness Book of World Records or any other official organization were present for the event, or whether the sibling’s performance will be officially recognized.

"I know this thing is very dangerous, but we are well-trained for dangerous stunts, and professional divers are watching over us", commented Arwidas before the show. Lithuanian television broadcast the event live using multiple cameras."