If you love underwater photography, there’s a new masterclass this year you can take while diving classic cenotes and the hidden gems of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Underwater Photographer and Freediver Alex St-Jean is offering a unique, 10-day excursion and masterclass in the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico on March 15-24, 2020.

He has over 10 years of experience as a photographer and six years shooting freediving competitions such as Vertical Blue and the Caribbean Cup, and has worked with various companies such as National Geographic, Suunto and Guinness World Records.

During the course, students will visit Playa Del Carmen, travel to Tulum, Valladolid, Cenotillo, Merida and various places in between.

Course topics will include:

• Camera settings and techniques
• Composition
• Advanced/Creative techniques
• Post-Processing and editing
• Visualisation and Planning
• Workflow and Organization
• How to think like a photographer
• Publication
• Safe Photography Practices
• Dive Skills to avoid harming the environment and make better photos
• Gear
• Software
• Equipment Maintenance
• Cenote history and facts

Hotel accommodations, meals in restaurants and transportation from Cancun Airport around the Peninsula are included in the US$3200 (~2906 euros) course cost.

Students (no more than six) will shoot every day and learn, review and discuss in the evenings.

For more information, send an email to [email protected].

(Image credit: Daan Verhoeven)

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