Tom Sietas Sets New Guinness World Record for O2 Static Apnea

German Freediver Tom Sietas has set a new Guinness World Record of Static Apnea on pure O2 with an amazing performance of 22’22”.  This record was witnessed by Ricardo Bahia,  and Marcus Werneck on May 30th in Changsha (China).

His performance was filmed by Chinese TV.  Sietas and Bahia are travelling in China for a competition promoted by a Chinese TV that which will be filmed on Sunday 3rd of June. expect details on the footage shortly.

Photo credit:  Marcus Werneck

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    • Please stop lying. I am one of the page managers and I would like it if you told the truth, and If it really is true. Film it please and we will post it. Thank you, Ian. 🙂
      Have a great day, Elizabeth

  1. WOWW! I never thought that was possible! I thought 6/7mins was max. I wonder how he felt after a certain period of time? Was it like shifting into a different world? Would love to hear about what it felt like! My husband did 4:30 a few days ago, longest he’s ever done on the surface of the water and he said after awhile he felt like he was breathing he kept checkin to see if the snorkel was in his mouth. I was so amazed watching him hold his breath for that long. it was surreal!

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