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Video: Act 2 Wrap-Up – OriginECN Vertical Blue 2018

The OriginECN Vertical Blue competition at Deans Blue Hole is over half way through now with 6 days of competition completed.  Athletes have broken a huge 24 National Records and 4 World Records!

Today looks like the biggest and most epic day yet with 14 National Record attempts and World Records attempts by Sayuri Kinoshita (Japan) and Alexey Molchanov (Russia). The Diveye and Paralenz cameras are ready to capture every moment and every angle.

OriginECN Vertical Blue 2018 - Start List Day 7
OriginECN Vertical Blue 2018 – Start List Day 7

Sayuri Kinoshita (Japan) is attempting to take the Free Immersion (FIM) World Record from Alessia Zecchini (Italy) who set the record on Day 4. Kinoshita needs to hit 94m to claim the record.

The powerhouse that is Alexey Molchanov (Russia) is trying to show current Free Immersion (FIM) specialist and World Record holder William Trubridge how it is done with massive 125m dive today.  Trubridge attempted this on Day 6 but lost his mouthfill and decided to abort the dive.

Stay tuned to the live feed to see destiny reveal itself at Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

And while you wait, check out the wrap-up video of Act II (of the three-act drama) here below showing you behind the scenes and the touching tribute to Stephen Keenan.

#VB2018 Act II Wrap-up Video

#VB2018 will keep rolling out amazing performances which you binge watch every second of later on VB Freediving (Vertical Blue’s YouTube channel) but for now, cross your fingers for your favorite athletes and hold your breath! We know the results will be stunning.

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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