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FreedivingVideo: Jeanine Grasmeijer Breaks Free Immersion Freediving World Record

Video: Jeanine Grasmeijer Breaks Free Immersion Freediving World Record


On day 2 of the of the DeepSea Challenge in Bonaire, 23 year old Jeanine Grasmeijer from the Netherlands broke the women’s World Record Free Immersion with a dive to 92 meters.

“During Bonaire Deepsea Challenge 2nd edition organizing by Deepsea School, a Dutch athlete Jeanine Grasmeijer on Sept 6th, at 08:20 am (official top at 9:30) arrived at the competition registration with her coach Liv Phillip. At the platform and in preparation dives she looked relaxed and confident. She completed a very impressive Free immersion dive to -92 m in 3 mins 46 seconds. She returned to the surface and conducted her surface protocol by following Aida International competition rules.”  Gaby Contreras – Organizer & Judge

It was not the first time for the Dutch girl to own the Free Immersion World record. In 2013 during the Kalamata pre-comp she dove to 90 meters with a dive time 4 minutes and 17 seconds (!) and took the record from Natalia Molchanova. Who broke it again 10 days later during the AIDA Individual Depth World Championships with a 91 meter dive, ending that battle.

“preparing for this dive I dove so deep into my own mind, isolating myself from everything to avoid the nerves that only  in the last 10 meters before the surface it hit me again that I was doing a World Record dive. That kind of woke me up, right in time for my surface protocol.”  Jeanine Grasmeijer. World Champion Free Immersion 2015 & 2-times WR-holder

Jeanine had been preparing since June for this record on the Spanish island of Lanzarote. This relatively new freediving destination is a perfect training location according to her:

“It has everything to become a new top freediving destination.”

Going to Bonaire for the DeepSea Challenge was a last minute decision, but a good one:

“The conditions and the set-up are good. But the atmosphere of a small but professional competition was what made it possible for me to do this record. A big thanks to Gaby and Carlos, the rest of the staff, the safety team and all the athletes.”

“It was a real pleasure to coach Jeanine on her World Record dive. She has great reserves of calm and this is what carried her to success on the day. I’ve coached and competed for many years and what struck me most strongly about her, is her humility as a person and an athlete. The strength she has in the water comes from the peaceful place she allows herself to find during her deep dives. A fantastic new Champion for the sport of Freediving”  Liv Philip. British Freediving Champion, AIDA Master Instructor

“Jeanine is a top international athlete and I hope a nice new member of our freediving community in that tropical side of her country.  I’m happy to have her pushing limits in our event” Carlos Coste. Co-organizer & Instructor Trainer of Deepsea Freediving School

You can see the video of her World Record below

[HD] Jeanine Grasmeijer new world record Free Immersion -92 meters
Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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