U.S. Navy Divers Attend DEMA

The U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) is a regular DEMA Show attendee, always on the lookout for the latest diving gear. According to its mission statement, the unit “tests and evaluates diving, hyperbaric, and other life-support systems and procedures, and conducts research and development in biomedical and environmental physiology. NEDU provides technical recommendations based […]

NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laborartory Available for Commercial Work

Nasa’s Neutral Bouyancy Lab in Houston, TX is a state of the art facility that is soon going to be available for commercial operations to use.  In a plan to help offset the high cost of running the laborartory, commercial operations can utilize the laboratory for a wide variety of training purposes.  Training configuration options […]

Cayago, Makers Of Seabob, Aim For Navy SEALs At DEMA

Oh Jaaaames! is what comes to mind when you see one of these delightful “Luxury Sea Toys” as Cayago call them. Well DEMA is the place where they unveiled their “Rotinor”. A fancy version of their recreational version underwater scooter the Seabob. For more informations check out their official website. (filed by Nico Danan). (filed […]

Dubai delivers world's largest rig hull to Norway

DrydocksWorld, the big marine industry giant from Dubai has delivered the giant AkerH-6e, which is the second hull of the world’s largest semi-submersible drillingrig, to Norway last week. The120-metre long vessel is the second one delivered within eight months the firstone in August 2007. NawalSaigal, managing director of Drydocks World – Dubai, said: “Thisachievement is […]

Incredible Rebreather Event – Innerspace 2008

Diverwire: The world’s largest ClosedCircuit Rebreather event will be held in Grand Cayman May 17-24, 2008, marking thefifth anniversary of “Inner Space.” The event is hosted by Divetech at CobaltCoast Dive Resort, and more than 60 Closed Circuit Rebreather divers willparticipate The diving will be off the deep walls and shallow reefs off the North […]

Fatality at Ginnie Springs

As reported by Sun staff writer Lise Fischer a man, visiting the United States from Switzerland, died Monday when he apparently drowned while cave diving in Gilchrist County, Florida. The body of Mark Fyvie was found approximately 3,500 feet into a cave system at Ginnie Springs , the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office reported. Fyvie had […]

Helium Shortage Threat

The Science Daily has reported that helium supplies may be in danger.  Helium, which is the gas which lifts the balloons at children’s parties, changes the voice and also used in some mixed-gas diving has been reported as depleting so rapidly in the world’s largest reserve, outside of Amarillo, Texas, that supplies are expected to […]