AIDA releases new report on suspension of AIDA Judge

The AIDA website has issued a new press release regarding the suspension of Bill Stromberg and the annulment of the two world record held by Natalia Molchanova.

The original article released on Deeperblue was based on information released by AIDA at the time.

The recent press release states “The AIDA Executive Board has reviewed a report from a group of high-level judges, and has taken certain actions relating the “Rulers of the Deep” competition held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in September 2009, at which Natalia Molchanova was awarded two world records. Although the Executive Board noted that no questions were raised relating to the athlete’s integrity or her ability to achieve the performances in question, significant conflict of interest issues relating to the presiding judge prevent AIDA from maintaining the validity of those performances (CWT 101m and FIM 90m) as world records. The Executive Board, noting Natalia’s extraordinary achievements in the sport of freediving, expect that she will soon put this matter behind her by meeting or exceeding those performances at a valid world record status event.”

According to AIDA’s website, this case is still under investigation