Am I Dreaming? No it’s just time for #DejaBlue6 !

Deja Blue 6 is returning to Grand Cayman again. The international freediving competition hosted by Performance Freediving (PFI) is the only annual competition in tropical waters that offers both depth and pool disciplines. Freedivers from around the globe are descending upon the idyllic Caribbean island right now for one or two weeks of training followed by the seven day competition event which runs May 11th through the 17th. There is no depth limit at Deja Blue 6 given the amazing visibility of Cayman waters, technical infrastructure and advanced safety standards at this event. This year PFI will also unveil a new “technical freediving protocol” as authored by CEO Kirk Krack, which he previewed at this year’s Blue Wild expo.

Deja Blue 6 is an AIDA judged freediving competition. This means that individuals who compete can qualify for the AIDA World Championships. Last year the majority of the US Freediving Team was composed of PFI athletes,” boasted the 7x world record holder Mandy-Rae Krack (née Cruickshank). “But not all who attend are dreaming of World Championships or breaking national records — many freedivers who compete at DB6 come to explore their own personal best performances under the supervision of one of the most elite safety teams found anywhere in the world. No matter the individual’s goal, we are sure to see an incredible competition this year!”

Deeperblue readers can follow the action on twitter at @PerformanceFI and hashtag #DejaBlue6 on instagram and stay tuned to the PFI facebook page for news and cool videos. And stay tuned here for all the exciting performance results.

yoga training at DB6

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