[apnea] The Book is now Available

Frederic Buyle, the freediving photographer, has announced the launch of his first coffee table style book – [apnea].

[apnea] The Book is now Available 1

Fred has spent the last 30 years freediving and 10 years ago took up the art of underwater photography.  The book, which is the first ever book just containing pictures taken whilst freediving, contains 100 extraordinary images taken on only a single breath of air between the surface and a depth of 60m.

In 2004, after 10 years of competition and four world records, Fred Buyle turned towards the underwater image captured while freediving, to limit the impact on the environment and to approach the animals without disturbing them. He divides his time between underwater photography, teaching freedriving, tagging sharks and shooting documentaries.

Foreword by Sandra Bessudo, marine biologist, the Minister of the Environment of Colombia.

The book is available now on the publisher’s website Editions Catapac or via Amazon.com.

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