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‘Beyond Blue’ Video Game Unveiled

A new ocean exploration video game called “Beyond Blue” was unveiled at last week’s E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles.

At first glance, it has a definite vibe akin to the ABZU video game, with scenes of a long-finned diver gliding beneath the ocean through caves and along corals. However, “Beyond Blue” is much more of an exploration and research simulator game.

The premise behind “Beyond Blue” is probing the ocean’s mysteries through Mirai, a research team leader that sets out on an expedition to plumb the sea’s depths.

Mirai, the research team leader in the upcoming 'Beyond Blue' video game.
Mirai, the research team leader in the upcoming ‘Beyond Blue’ video game.

According to its developers:

“The game will feature both an evocative narrative and high-level resource management, challenging the player to make high-stakes decisions and prioritize which objectives can be successfully achieved during the crew’s expedition.”

The game was developed by E-Line Media, the same team that made the “Never Alone” game about the culture of Alaska Natives. Like the previous game, subject-matter experts were extensively consulted for “Beyond Blue” to give it added realism.

As E-Line Media CEO Michael Angst told Engadget:

“We started asking each scientist how they would use their time below if they could jump forward ten or fifteen years and lead a small team powered with a full fleet of advanced technology. We found their answers fascinating and the game has emerged as a way to channel these visions into what we hope will be an atmospheric and moving experience.”

The game will be available sometime next year on Xbox, Windows and Playstation 4.

For more info, check out the teaser trailer below or go to the Beyond Blue website or Facebook page.

John Liang
John Liang
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