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More dates for the "Introduction to FreeDiving" Course

DeeperBlue.net have released more dates for the 2006 "Introduction to FreeDiving" courses at the 30m Submarine Escape Training Tank in Portsmouth, UK. ...

Rule Britannia: Mermaid is Thy Name

A three-way conversation between people separated by a common language, and a star is born. Freediving Editor Paul Kotik moderates.

Apnea Academy launches Instructors Course in English

Umberto Pelizzari has informed us that Apnea Academy has launched the Apnea Academy Instructors Course in English. The course will be...

AIDA Announce New World Ranking

Our friends over at Apnea Mania, who are the official keepers of the AIDA World Ranking of Freedivers, have announced the list...

No-Limits World Record

Publisher Note: Somehow during the past couple of weeks we missed putting out this news item. Whilst it is no longer new...

Diving's Next Big Thing

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik has seen the future -not exactly freediving, not exactly scuba. His prediction: you'll be doing it, and sooner than you think.

DeeperBlue.net Announce first 2006 "Introduction to FreeDiving" Course dates

DeeperBlue.net today announced the first 3 "Introduction to FreeDiving" courses for 2006 at the UK S.E.T.T Training Facility in the UK. ...

Saltfree Divers have FINALLY chosen their Mermaid!

We've had word from SaltFree uber-chief Sam Kirby that they have chosen their Mermaid. Here is what Sam has to...

The Aquatic Ape Theory: Jury Still Out ?

New Contributor Leslie Randall surveys progress and parsimony in one of Freediving's most intriguing areas of research.

Mascot "The Deepest Bear" Retires

FreeDiving mascot "The Deepest Bear" has reported retired at the Egyptian resort of Dahab. The mascot has travelled around the world, seen...

Entre Dos Mares: First Mexican Open Freediving Championships

Staff Writer Nico Danan's special report on a unique event in a unique corner of el mundo.

After the Fall

Freediving Editor Paul Kotik remembers.

Loic Leferme awarded the "Philippe Taillez Prise"

During the 37th International Underwater Film Festival "d'Exploration et d'Environnement" in Toulon Loic and his crew (Valerie Leferme and Cecile Dubosc) was awarded the...

Guiness Book of World Record Attempt At Dema

Thanks to the help from OTS by providing their Interspiro divator-MKII full-face mask and underwater communication system (www.oceantechnology systems.com), the attempt to the underwater...
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