Scuba Diving

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Fourth Element Argonaut Stealth Drysuit

Fourth Element Launches Argonaut Stealth Drysuit

If you are in the market for a new drysuit one of the top choices to date was the Fourth Element Argonaut, that is until now...
Review- Mares X-Stream

Review: Mares X-Stream Fins

We take a look at the Mares X-Stream fin and put it through it's paces
Pregnancy and diving

Pregnancy and Scuba Diving: The Risks and Research

We look at diving whilst pregnant - the theoretical risks for Mom and baby, and the evidence that exists to support them.
Human Skeleton Found In Aegean Sea Shipwreck (Photo credit: Brett Seymour, EUA/WHOI/ARGO)

Human Skeleton Found In Aegean Sea Shipwreck

Underwater archaeologists have found a human skeleton on an ancient Greek shipwreck in the Aegean Sea off the island of Antikythera. This is a big...

The “Mystery” of Nitrox (EAN) Diving

Welcome to our Beginners Guide to Scuba Diving. Part 14 of this series takes a look at The “Mystery” of Nitrox (EAN) Diving.
New scuba diving board game being crowdfunded (Photo credit © Keep Exploring Games, 2016)

New scuba diving board game being crowdfunded

Are you an avid tabletop gamer as well as a scuba diver and need something to while away your surface intervals? Or maybe you want...
Reem Abdullah Al Edan is attempting the longest underwater dive by a woman.

Watch Live As Kuwaiti Scuba Divers Attempt to Smash Guinness World Records

Last October, reported that Kuwaiti scuba diver Reem Abdullah Al Edan would attempt to break four scuba diving Guinness World Records in early...
New Prospective Diver's Book Released

New Prospective Diver’s Book Released

Love to dive and know someone who might want to get into it too? There's a new book out called "Scuba Fundamental: Start Diving the...
Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood auctions off Pardoe dive helmet collection.

Couple Earns Big Payday By Auctioning Off Diving Helmet Collection

If you're going to collect things, better make sure they're in good condition. You never know when they might fetch a hefty bid on...
DAN Releases Compilation Of Research Into Dive Fatalities

Want To Know Why Divers Drown? DAN Might Have Some Answers

If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty behind the causes of dive fatalities, the Divers Alert Network might have something just for...
Kiwi Military Divers Help Clear WW2 Mines In South Pacific

Kiwi Military Divers Help Clear WW2 Bombs In South Pacific

Just because World War II ended well over half a century ago doesn’t mean all the bombs made during those days are accounted for. Heck,...

Oceanic’s Innovations Keep it On the Cutting Edge for 2017 had the chance to speak with Chris Quinby from AUP during DEMA Show 2016 about what the year ahead will look like for Oceanic. He...
Deptherapy Joins English National Volunteer Organization

Deptherapy Joins English National Volunteer Organization

Diving rehabilitation charity Deptherapy is is now a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) in England. This announcement comes at the start...
Diving Among Sharks Doesn’t Appear To Affect Sharks’ Long-Term Behavior Photo credit: Darcy Bradley

Does Diving Among Sharks Affect Their Long-Term Behavior?

As much of an adrenaline rush that diving among sharks may give a human scuba diver, new research has found that the sharks themselves...
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