Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

Who Turned Out The Lights?

Malcolm introduces you to night diving and gives you some tips to help improve your techniques.

Psst??Want Another 50 Bar of Air for Nothing?

Malcolm presents several tips to help you improve your air consumption - something of a holy grail for most divers.

Diving into the 21st Century

Zachary brings you into the 21st century with his thoughts on diving and Deeper Blue.

In Defense of Divemasters

Find out what made the job of being a Divemaster terrifying!

Share the International Affair of Diving

Zach takes a look at how we can all share in the International Affair of Diving.

Buddy Up With Experience

Remember to choose your buddies carefully when you go diving, their experience may be your lifeline.

The Beach

"The Beach" starring Leo Di Caprio brought Thailand to the forefront of travelling destinations. However what is it really like to dive there? Managing Editor Malcolm James takes you on a journey of discovery.

Shipwreck Anchor Recovered

Capt. Dan Berg and a team of divers from the R.V. Wreck Valley successfully recovered a large 800- pound fluted anchor from the Pilot Boat wreck.

Accidents Happen

Accidents do happen, but steps can be taken to avoid them. Malcolm tells you how whilst still keeping diving fun.

Boat Dive like a Professional – Part II

Malcolm continues his look at Boat Diving with Liveaboard Diving.

Boat Dive like a Professional – Part I

Deeper Blue shares with you ten tips to look like a professional when diving from a day charter boat. Part I - Day Boat Diving

The "Current" Environment

You have to be aware of your surroundings. Chris shows how this can evolve over a period of time.

First Annual "Cleanest Playground" Contest

Get ready to get trashed! Thousands of scuba divers are sinking to new depths in a nationwide effort to clean up their favorite playground -- local waters.


Astipalea, two islands set amongst the Greek Islands of the Med. Michail gives you the low-down on diving there.
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