Curacao Aims To Turn Invasive Lionfish Into A Sustainable Industry


The damage Lionfish have caused to the ecosystems of the Caribbean and Florida is well documented.

That said, while many destinations have gone down the route of trying to eradicate the invasive species from their waters, Curacao has taken it to another level, and is also trying to turn the predatory Lionfish into a sustainable industry.

Many restaurants on the island now offer various delicious dishes featuring Lionfish meat, and chefs have come up with interesting and innovative recopies to cook the fish.

As a bonus, it turns out Lionfish meat is quite healthy and is rich in Omega 3 oil. In addition, a local business on Curacao has started creating artisanal jewelry pieces from the Lionfish.

The ultimate aim is to create a sustainable industry that somewhat reduces the number of Lionfish, which will then allow the rest of the reef’s ecosystem to recover.

Check out a video about Lionfish and Curacao below.