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Day 32 – Five out of six is even better!

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We were two for two today. The weather conditions were absolutely perfect with almost no current relative to the boat while we were drifting. The boat and lines were ready well ahead of time and there was a pleasant, confident calm on board.

Martin’s dive went without a hitch and his recovery was very strong. While still at the line I joked that he made it look easy. Martin smiled at me and said, "but I wouldn’t want to do it agian." He was feeling the squeeze pretty badly at the bottom. It was a new world record: 136 metres in Variable Ballast!

Derek and Chris, our safety divers who had been at the bottom sent the sled back to the surface and we were ready for Doc’s final attempt to better his national record. Today’s target was 61 metres and there was to be no jumping early.

All was calm on the set again as Doc mounted the sled, made his breathe-up and started packing. He gave the nod to Danny who snapped the release and he was off. In the fabulous visibility we had today, it took a full 25 seconds for him to disappear into the blue. Kirk started his safety dive shortly before Doc hit the bottom and I followed ten seconds later. We met Doc at 30 metres where he strummed his air guitar for us. Doc’s recovery was fine as usual and he was obviously very excited at breaking 61 metres / 200 feet. A new national record.

The final result for this event was success on five out of six attempted records. (Subject to anti-doping tests) It’s a very good haul indeed and the whole PFI team and support people are very happy about that.

Now it’s time to celebrate!

Records Summary

World Records
April 8 Mandy-Rae Cruickshank Constant Ballast without Fins 50 metres
April 9 Martin Stepanek Constant Ballast without Fins 80 metres
April 11 Mandy-Rae Cruickshank Free Immersion 74 metres
April 14 Martin Stepanek Variable Ballast 136 metres
USA National Records
April 14 Dr. George Lopez Variable Ballast 61 metres