Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Writer’s First Breath-Hold Experience

- staff writer Dot Fundock participated in a mini-freediving lesson in the swimming pool at DEMA Show 2014 under the supervision of World Record free diver Martin Stepanek. Here’s here quick story:

This afternoon I got in the DEMA pool for a mini freediving lesson with F.I.I.– Freediving Instructors International. World Record holder Martin Stepanek, the president, and two other F.I.I. Instructors coached the six of us volunteers on how to improve our breath hold time. Prior to the 20-minute lesson I had only been able to hold my breath for about 45 seconds.

I’ve been scuba diving for more than 30 years and of course the first thing you learn is you never hold your breath. So early on I learned deep-breathing exercises through yoga, meditation and by teaching the PADI Mind Body & Spirit Diver course — a distinctive specialty. My air lasts forever (not really but a very long time) when I’m scuba diving because I’m so relaxed.

The key points in this mini pool lesson were to breath from the diaphragm and to be relaxed. And most important to never do it on my own without a qualified instructor in the water with me.

After detailed instruction, careful guidance and safety supervision I was able to achieve two-and-a-half minutes! I couldn’t believe it! Now I’m excited about taking a course.

Dot Fundock

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