Freediving Club Greece 2011

Have you ever thought of taking your freediving experience to a new level – adding variety or even participating in some of the biggest international Freediving events? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes you might want to take a look at the brand new website of Freediving Club Greece at

Freediving Club Greece is the organizer of the 2011 AIDA Individual Depth World Championships but is also offering a wide range of training and competition events during the year.

Major events in the diary for 2011 include the 5 week Santorini Training Camp based in the volcanic island of Santorini in June 2011. During the event you can enjoy training in the wonderful clear waters of the volcanic Caldera or test your limits and have fun using our No-Limits sled diving system. When not in the water you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the famous Island of Santorini and enjoy the wonderful Mediterranean cuisine. Prices for the event start at 300euro per week for training and 20euro per day for accommodation.

Later in the year during September 2011 Freediving Club Greece will be returning to the seaside town of Kalamata for the 4th Mediterranean Freediving World Cup which will serve as a prelude the this year’s AIDA Depth World Championships. 

Freediving Club Greece founders Stavros Kastrinakis and Panagiota Balanou and its World Class group of Instructors will also be arranging several other smaller specialty events which you can find on our website at


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